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OBT 28 Oktober 2016

RF RPG Triple X Indonesia

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RF RPG Triple X Indonesia

Post by freia7 on Mon Jun 24, 2013 1:34 pm

Bosan Main RF Lyt* Ga Naik-Naik Banyak Item Dupe Atau Bosan Main RF Private Yang Sehari LV Max EQ Lengkap Serta Donasi Over ??

RF Triple X Solusinya
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
-Max LVL 66
-EXP Rate 300x / Premium 600x
-Drop Rate 20x
-Animus MAX
-All PT & Skill GM
-Sell Rate 10x ( Gli, Beam, Rian )
-Quest 50-56 ON
-Buff Duration Normal
-Battle Dungeon ON
-All Reward Quest On
-Cash Shop On
-Premiun Service ON (Gratis 3 Hari Untuk ID Baru)
-Race Balance
-GM Friendly
-Owner Friendly
-Event-Event Setiap Hari
-Event Mingguan
-Big Event
-Guild Kerhomatan On
-Donate ON (Donasi Premium Service & Cash Point, Non Donate Equip)
-Bug Lvling Diperbolehkan Selain Itu Dilarang ,Apa Lagi Cheat-

-Drop List-

-All PB Markas,Anacade,Haram,Armory 213 = Ele low-High, T2-T3, All Rune.
-Assasin Builder A = Portal PB Ether & Portal PB Bhelpegor
-Wing = Gli & Beam
-Young Flym = Ele Low. Stealth Potion(pot ngilang)

-Crag Mine-

-ALL PB SETTE = Elven 55 permanent slot Random, All Rune Key Dangeon.

-Volcanic Cauldron-
-PB BHELPE = Ele GM, DF ,Baal ,Infi ,Flem Predator ,SK ,All Rune ,Key Dangeon.

-Big horn Carnival = Intense Hora Akeron
-PB BUAS = Standar ccr
-RHS = Armore 60.
-Thunder Lizard = Armore 55 + Shield 55.
-Blue Scale Klan = Weapon 55.

-PB OC = Ele Oc, Jewelry Box ,Key Dangeon,All Rune.
-Kukra Captain = Armore 63.
-Naroom = Weapon 60.
-RHS = Armore 60.

-Winbox = Pecahan Leon.
-Cremle Snatcher Battalion Commany B = Weapon lv 65 Shield lv 65
-Naroom = Armor 65.

-All PB Elan Kecuali 3D = Sealed Relic 50, Pembuka relic, senjata type C, Jewelry Box, Ele Box , Ele PF Higt.
-3D = Ele 3D, sealed relic 50, pembuka relic, Ele Box.
-Draco = Batu Tipe C.

-Calliana Archer = All Talic
-PB Jhon F Carter = Elven 55 permanent slot Random, All rune.
-PB Calliana Princess= All Rune , Calliana Necklaces ,Key Dungeon

-All PB Dimension = Standart CCR


-NPC List-
-NPC Markas = Standart CCR

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